Tuesday, 1 July 2014


For the locations we managed to identify 4 key ones that feature in our edit of the video

A courtyard/back alleyway
the courtyard to the electro chapel

the stairs entering the electro chapel

the electro chapel

the bathtub

the jail

the courtyard (2)

We searched around our school and found multiple potential locations for use in our recreation

we could use this as our courtyard

we could use this as the alley

we are considering using this as the alley way if it is raining

We are also considering this ad the courtyard

This could also make a good alley, we could film from the other side and use the steps to achieve the crane shots

we could use this if it rains, as it has cover

this is another good place to replicate the crane shots

this would work as the jail

but we could use this, and carefully avoid showing the circular decorations

this is a third possibility for the jail, we only worry about the fat that it is so short

this may work as the electro chapel (for the stage shot)

this would work as the stairs

however these might also

another shot of potential stairs

However based on the fact that this is the area the class we are using will meet in, this could be a perfect place to set up, we could even add in some different styles of lighting , there are stairs here also, or we could use some (unpictured) spiral stairs

this is another area for the courtyard/ alley, it has different levels we can use

as seen here, we can either film from these levels or use them as places to put backing dancers

this is a potential place to use for the bikes rolling in shot

However, we are inclined (pun not intended) to use this spot  

this is after the ramp, another spot for the courtyard

this is detailing the space we would have

This is also a good location as we can use these steps to again replicate the crane shots.

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