Friday, 12 September 2014

Video Research 7 | Kylie Minogue - Come Into My World

This video, again directed by Michel Gondry, is an improvement on a previous idea by him. It features a concept of multiple versions of the same person.

Kylie travels around a street, singing to the camera, as she does so, she walks in a circle. As she passes the point she started at, another kylie comes out, and starts to travel around again. The people in the background also duplicate. The video ends as the 5th kylie leaves the store.

The video itself was created by using a large, autonomous crane, which repeated the same cycle of movements, this meant that the shots were easily composited together in a seamless fashion. This did mean that each person couldn't repeat the same actions, but had to progress. Certain parts, like in the 2nd cycle with the car and the crossing before the lamppost, would be impossible to time perfectly, so, at that point, kylie 1 on her second cycle covers kylie 1 on her first cycle, this means that kylie 1 wouldn't morph through the car.

Owing to the extreme complexity of compositing such chaotic actions, editing took a long while, but was clearly worth it.  The end product, thankfully not as psychedelic as previous works by Gondry, results in a trippy and confused feeling from the viewer. They are left in awe as to the complexity of the video. While the depth of different kylies may seem strange at time, the video is very clear and incredibly well done.

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